USA Rice Council

Promoting U.S.-Grown Rice at Home and Around the World

USA Rice Council is one of three charter members of the USA Rice Federation.  Established in 1957, the USA Rice Council brings rice farmers, dues-paying mills, and other industry members together to steer the course for domestic and international promotion programs, which are implemented through USA Rice Federation.  

International programs, conducted in more than 20 countries, leverage rice industry dollars and the support of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service.  Domestic programs are designed to speed acceptance of U.S.-grown rice and tell rice’s good nutritional, economic, conservation, and sustainability story.


Rice state promotion organizations and dues-paying mills that elect to send promotion funds to the USA Rice Council are members and allotted seats on the Board.   For more information please contact Jeanette Davis, (703) 236-1447.
USA Rice Council Logo

Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors currently consists of forty-five directors (36 farmers and 9 millers)
    • Number of farmer directors per state is based on a 3-year average of that state's dues.  Each rice farmer state organization selects directors to represent that state.
    • Miller representation is also based on financial contribution.  Each contributing mill selects directors to represent that mill.
  • The members are elected to serve for a one-year term (the Chairman serves a two-year term).  
  • Meetings are held in conjunction with USA Rice Federation annual meetings.