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USA Rice has a three-pronged approach to increasing exports of U.S. rice.  Each targeted country has unique marketing constraints which are taken into consideration as we develop strategies and promotional activities for our markets.

First, trade policy seeks to gain meaningful access to markets through trade negotiations. USA Rice is very active in the area of bilateral, multilateral and regional trade negotiations, working closely with USDA, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, and others to accomplish its trade agenda.

Second, export promotion seeks to broaden trade channels through relationship building as well as building lasting preference for U.S. rice through marketing activities.  Marketing activities include market research, to identify targeted audiences and/or new trends for U.S. rice, and consumer and foodservice promotions.

Third, food aid seeks to alleviate human suffering, and with efforts by private voluntary organizations (PVOs) to monetize food aid, it has become an initial market entry/development tool in many countries. USA Rice has been active with PVOs, the White House, Congress, USDA, USAID, and the United Nations World Food Programme in an attempt to maximize the opportunity for U.S-grown rice in food aid.

Taken together, this strategy affords USA Rice Federation the opportunity to ensure that all forms and types of U.S. rice enjoy the full benefits of the export market which accounts for nearly half of the U.S. rice crop.