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Rice Information to Communicate/Educate - Act Now

"There are no ... barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect." -- President Ronald Reagan, State of the Union Address, February 6, 1985

The USA Rice Federation and its members must work closely with government to ensure that legislative and regulatory policies affecting our members are fair, reasonable, and enhance rice industry profitability. To achieve these types of policies requires the dedication and commitment of everyone in the industry.

To facilitate you communicating effectively with the federal government, the USA Rice Federation provides R.I.C.E. – Act Now Rice Information to Communicate/Educate – Act Now. The mission is twofold: first, to provide you with a suggested legislative or regulatory message and second, to provide you with the means to deliver the message quickly.

When it’s time to communicate with Congress or a federal agency, USA Rice Federation will alert you to link to this page. Below will be the suggested message. If you prefer, use your own words to speak out about the issue at hand. Most importantly, do contact your Congressman or two Senators or the designated federal agency promptly.

Today, two of the quickest ways to communicate to Members of Congress in Washington are by email or phone calls. Members also can be contacted when they’re back in the state or district. Their state or district staff can be contacted by phone or through visits. Contacting federal agency officials can be done by email, mail, phone calls, and meetings.

Effective messaging requires

  • First and foremost, communicating

  • Speaking knowledgeably, clearly, briefly, and to the point

  • Maintaining credibility and good relationships with officials and their staff

  • Treating officials and staff with courtesy and respect at all times

  • Always thanking officials and staff for their time and support.

President Reagan’s statement above is as true today as it was when he proclaimed it. Silence can be a barrier to progress, to the pursuit of legislation and regulations that are fair, reasonable, and enhance rice industry profitability. By taking a few minutes to express yourself in an email, phone call, or meeting you will be acting in your best interest and that of the rice industry by calling for policies that are fair, reasonable, and ensure profitability.