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Book Review:  Rice Processing, the Comprehensive Guide to Global Technology and Innovative Products

comm- rice processing with l sieh-140418Rice Processing gives up-to-date, comprehensive information about rice processing around the world, whether in a small, hand-fed village mill or a highly sophisticated mill that uses the latest equipment and technology. The book is a compilation of chapters by authors from academia and industry, and is intended to serve as a reference on both the practical and scientific aspects of rice processing.

Edited by Joachim Sontag, a rice technology consultant who worked for Buhler for more than twenty years, the book follows the logical sequence of rice processing. The first two chapters offer background on the history, agronomy, and morphology of rice and an overview of world trade and consumption of the world's single most important staple food. Subsequent chapters are more technical discussions of topics such as drying and cooling, storage, color sorting, parboiling, and food safety.

Professor Terry Siebenmorgen, director of the University of Arkansas Rice Processing Program, contributed a chapter on the assessment of rice milling quality. Dr. Siebenmorgen is a member of the USA Rice Federation's Rice Marketability and Competitiveness Task Force and often provides USA Rice with technical expertise on rice industry research.

Rice Processing is an easy-to-read reference resource that promises answers to everything you wanted to know about rice processing and weren't afraid to ask. The book can be ordered online from the publisher at

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