Leadership Development Program Application

The Rice Leadership Development Program is sponsored by:
Sponsor: John Deere Sponsor: American Comodity Company Sponsor: RiceTec
through The Rice Foundation and managed by the USA Rice Federation.


If preferred, you may download and complete the printed version of the application and submit via postal mail or fax.

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* Rice industry experience: Please describe your full and part-time experience in the rice industry.

* Discuss what you consider to be the most important problems facing the rice industry.

* In your judgment, what are the qualities needed in leadership today?

* Evaluate your own leadership potential. Please be specific.

* List the leadership and policy-making positions you have held. Indicate the level (local, county, statewide, etc.) of these positions, your past and current offices and memberships held in organizations, including high school, college, civic and governmental affiliations, and dates served. Indicate if you obtained the position by volunteering, by appointment or by election.

Organization & Level Position — Office Dates How Obtained

* Briefly describe your most satisfying leadership experience or project.

* List honors received.

* List hobbies and/or other interests.

* Why would you like to participate in the Rice Leadership Program?

* If selected for the Rice Leadership Development Program, how would you apply the knowledge and experience gained?

List four references (two business and two personal). Please have two of your references fill out either the online or printed PDF version of the confidential recommendation form. The recommendation forms must be received by the Rice Leadership Program Selection Committee by the deadline. Please note: any or all of the references you list may be contacted.





To be eligible to participate in the Rice Leadership Development Program, applicants must:
  • derive their primary livelihood as rice producers or from a rice industry-related profession or firm, including rice mills, rice product marketers, sales officials, dryers, extension services, research facilities, etc. Participants from the industry-related category must serve the rice industry in their primary job responsibility.
  • demonstrate leadership potential.
  • be 25 to 45 years of age at time of application.
  • obtain employer approval prior to applying; if self-employed, must agree to devote time away from their business as required.
  • agree to attend all scheduled sessions, with exception of illness of participant or immediate family.
  • agree to complete all reports and evaluations as required.
** All applicants chosen as finalists must be available for personal interviews **

Interviews will be conducted by the Rice Leadership Program Selection Committee in December in conjunction with the USA Rice Outlook Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Upon submission of this online form, I acknowledge that I have read the eligibility requirements for participation in the Rice Leadership Development Program. I understand that the references I have supplied may be contacted. Further, I certify that all statements made in this application are true and complete. I understand that the selection of participants for the Rice Leadership Development Program is the sole responsibility of the Rice Leadership Program Selection Committee.