Keynote Speakers

Emily Moquin headshot

The Retail Grocery Sector, Consumer Confidence, and How the Shifting Landscape May Affect the U.S. Rice Industry

Emily Moquin
Food & Beverage Analyst
Morning Consult

Emily is the food & beverage analyst at decision intelligence company Morning Consult, where she leads efforts to deliver real-time insights for leaders in the sector. Emily analyzes consumer behavior, from dining out to grocery shopping to alcohol consumption. Her research helps food and beverage businesses make faster, better decisions.

Prior to joining Morning Consult, she worked at Gartner as a director analyst, covering consumers and food & beverage, as well as at H.J. Heinz, where she managed consumer and customer insights across multiple brands.

Jim Radtke Headshot

Jim Radtke
Senior VP – Product Development
Cibus US LLC

Cibus was founded to lead a new era in gene editing.  Its vision was a gene editing industry without the use of transgenes or foreign DNA that are associated with GMO technologies; an industry whose products were indistinguishable from nature and would be regarded on the same basis as traditional breeding.  An industry that could help farmers tackle the challenges presented by the environment such as diseases, weeds and pests in a more sustainable way with less chemicals, fuel and manpower. 

Jim will explain gene editing in layman's term. Talk about what it is and is not and what his company is trying to accomplish, initial targets and perhaps timelines.

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