USA Rice Offers Aid to Mexico’s Most Vulnerable Populations

Group shot of seminar participants in Mexican soup kitchen, people in hairnets holding rice pamphlets surround food table
U.S. rice nourishes community outreach
Mar 07, 2018
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO -- Spreading the word about U.S. rice is not only an opportunity to create global partnerships but also a strategic element in the fight against hunger for the world’s most vulnerable populations.  In several major Mexican metropolitan cities, U.S. rice was used to inform and nourish as part of outreach by community meal programs here that are facilitated by the Mexican government’s Ministry of Social Development and Comedores Comunitarios (community kitchens).

In January, USA Rice sponsored three foodservice seminars for community kitchens in Mexico City, Mexico State, and Querétaro.  These establishments function much like soup kitchens in the United States by offering hot meals for the hungry and people of limited resources.  The meals offered in the community kitchens featured U.S. rice as a healthy, nutritious ingredient necessary in the fight against hunger.

Guest chefs explained the health benefits and versatility of U.S.-grown rice, and stressed the importance of proper cooking techniques.  They shared wholesome recipes that are easy to prepare.  The demonstrations were followed by interactive cooking instruction and Q&A sessions.

“These community meal programs are doing their part to make a positive change in the health and well-being of people in Mexico’s cities,” said Brian King, chairman of USA Rice and chairman of the USA Rice Western Hemisphere Promotion Committee.  “USA Rice provides hands-on instruction for foodservice workers to ensure these community kitchens are providing the best, most healthful offerings for those in need.”