Commodity Credit Corporation Funding Vital to Keeping Rice Farms in Business

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Sep 22, 2020
WASHINGTON, DC -- Negotiations continue in the House of Representatives on a continuing resolution (CR) that would fund the Federal government through December 11.  One of the remaining points of contention is the early replenishment of funding for the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC), or the “bank” for the U.S. Department of Agriculture that funds farm safety net, conservation, and other Farm Bill and agriculture related programs.  The inclusion of CCC funding replenishment is paramount for timely administration of the aid these programs provide farmers.

A vote on the CR is expected on the House floor as early as this afternoon.  In order to avert a government shutdown, both the House, Senate, and White House must be in agreement on the short-term funding package by midnight on September 30.

“The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) is essential to providing some security for America’s rice farmers.  Among its most important roles is facilitating funding for farm safety net programs which provide modest relief to agricultural producers,” said Nicole Montna Van Vleck, California rice farmer and chair of the USA Rice Farmers.  “While aid received by farmers through farm safety net programs does not make them whole, it is crucial in helping keep farmers in business.”

Van Vleck added, “The inclusion of CCC funding replenishment in the continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown come October 1 is vital, especially given current uncertainties due to the lingering effects of ongoing trade disputes and the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.  Rice farmers need the assurance of funding for their safety net programs.”