Louisiana Grower Meetings Fill the Calendar

Man speaks from podium at Acadia-Parish Rice Growers Annual Meeting
Dr. Steve Linscombe
Jan 27, 2022
LAKE ARTHUR, LA -- Grower groups throughout Louisiana rice country hold their annual meetings when winter weather keeps them out of the fields.  They gather to hear about the latest industry news and research, catch up on local events, and enjoy a meal with family members who provide support throughout the growing and harvest seasons.  
Cal Cam Rice Growers met in Lake Charles on November 18; Evangeline Rice Growers met in Mamou on December 14; and Acadia Parish Rice Growers met in Crowley on Wednesday, January 12.

“I had the pleasure of speaking at the Acadia meeting on January 12,” said Dr. Steve Linscombe, USA Rice director of The Rice Foundation and the Rice Leadership Program.  “I had a hand in establishing this group more than 30 years ago and it is fulfilling to see how this organization has evolved and all that the group has accomplished in service to the rice industry.  I also noted during the meeting that many of the prime movers in today’s organization are the offspring of the farmers who formed the association.”

On Tuesday, January 25, the Jeff Davis Rice Growers Association met at the Regatta Restaurant in Lake Arthur for dinner and door prizes to thank and honor spouses for a year’s worth of their support and patience.  President Kevin Berken welcomed the crowd of nearly 80 and oversaw the evening’s program that included industry updates from USA Rice staff and the appointment of a new Board of Directors.  

“Like everyone else, it’s been over a year since we’ve gotten to gather as an organization,” said Berken.  “Getting together to discuss our industry is important, but the past few years have been challenging on all fronts, so we decided to make this more than just our annual business meeting, and more about honoring those who have supported us through all the ups and downs of a crop season.  When you see a big crowd like this, all you can say is WOW!”

Berken also recognized the meeting’s sponsors, Supreme Rice Mill, Lake Arthur Butane, Green Point Ag, Rice Tec, and Helena Chemical, for making the evening a huge success.