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Rice in Foodservice

Few ingredients in a chef’s pantry provide more interesting textures, versatility and profit potential than rice. U.S.-grown rice allows operators to deliver authentic culinary experiences, experiment with new dishes, and meet the dietary needs of any customer.

USA Rice's foodservice program provides restaurant operators with menu inspiration, up-to-date industry resources, operational best practices, ideation sessions, supplier introductions, and much more.

Side view of poke rice bowl.Restaurant Relief Program

We know this year has been extremely difficult for the industry and we want to help.  Revitalize your menu with high-margin, home-grown grains that are perfect for takeout, delivery, and dine-in.

Rice to the Rescue

Why Rice

Rice’s role in a successful foodservice operation can be pivotal, from delivering global flavors and creating plant-based options to higher profit margins and easy storage.

Rice in Foodservice


We have the tools to help your operation add, market, and better utilize U.S. rice.  Explore our training videos, cooking playbooks, new recipes, how-to guides, and more.

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Culinary Students

Our comprehensive rice curriculum contains all the essential information for teaching culinary students the fundamentals of rice in a foodservice operation. 

Rice Culinary Guide

Farm & Mill Tour

Join USA Rice on a complimentary tour of rice country to learn how and where rice is grown and better understand the importance of sourcing domestic rice. 

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Rice in Schools

From K-12 recipes and classroom materials to college dining trends, USA Rice provides the resources you need to create healthy, satisfying school meals and conduct an informative nutrition program. 

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