Research Reports

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North American WaterbirdsPDF40.75 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Simpler Less Expensive Method of Analysis of Inorganic As (iAs) in RicePDF853.29 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
The Use of Chromatography and Micro-viscoamylograph Methods for Rice Quality Characterization and SelectionPDF533.20 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Satiety Response of White and Brown Rice Compared to Glucose ControlPDF257.40 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Revision of Quarantine Procedures for Importation of Rice Germplasm from Foreign CountriesPDF191.85 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Soil Based Nitrogen Test for Fertilizer Management in RicePDF60.08 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
The Role of Rice Agriculture in the Winter Ecology of Northern PintailsPDF34.82 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Fundamental Understanding of Rice Kernel Physical Quality Reduction During DryingPDF6.03 MB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Association between Rice Consumption and Selected Indicators of Dietary and Nutritional StatusPDF1.47 MB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Evaluation of New Technologies for Red Rice Control 2PDF999.08 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Assessing Rice Degree of MillingPDF25.49 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Evaluation of New Technologies for Red Rice ControlPDF283.03 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Effects of Processing and Storage Conditions on Rice StarchPDF977.42 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Development of Rice with Enhanced Uniformity and Stability of Grain QualityPDF1.38 MB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Determining the Physical, Chemical and Genetic Mechanisms Responsible for Fissure Resistance of RicePDF1.23 MB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Midseason Nitrogen Applications Aided by Remote Sensing TechnologyPDF189.75 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Microstructural and Physical Characterization of Rice and Rice DerivativesPDF1.18 MB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Recovery, Development and Promotion of Health Enhancing Compounds and Value-added Products from RicePDF1.45 MB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Investigation of Rice Starch Molecular Structure to Slow Starch Digestion Rate and Lower Glycemic ResponsePDF22.21 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Identification of Critical Gene Variation Impacting Rice End-Use QualityPDF2.12 MB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Improving DRC-1339 Baiting Techniques for Managing Blackbird Populations Causing Damage to Mewly Planted and Ripening RicePDF485.38 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Improving Soil & Plant Analyses for Efficient Fertilizer UsePDF1.31 MB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Research on Arsenic Mechanisms DoseResponse and Threshold LevelsPDF26.66 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
New Knowledge and Improved Methods to Increase Breeders’ Ability to Develop Rice VarietiesPDF520.11 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Investigation of Rice Starch Moleculer Structure to Slow Starch Digestion Rate and Lower Glycemic ResponsePDF81.45 KB25 Sep, 2017 Download
Understanding the Basis of Variability in US Rice Quality Through Studies of Genotypic and Environment-Induced Variation in Starch StructurePDF1.02 MB25 Sep, 2017 Download