USA Rice Merchants' Association

Representing Rough and Seed Rice Merchandisers and Associates

Founded in 2005, the USA Rice Merchants’ Association is the first organization to bring rice merchandisers and related businesses together in a representative, recognized body.  Merchants are an important component of the U.S. rice industry, providing a market outlet for thousands of farmers in all six rice-producing states.
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There are currently 27 merchant members and 7 associate members. 

Board of Directors

•  Board members are elected from amongst the merchant members of the association.
•  Board meetings are held in conjunction with USA Rice Federation annual meetings.

Meet the Chairman


Dick Ottis
El Campo, TX

Dick Ottis was born and raised in Wadsworth, Texas, where his family started growing rice around 1915.  After college, Ottis moved to Ganado, Texas, and began his career with Rice Belt Warehouse, Inc. where he has served as president and CEO since 2005.  His involvement with USA Rice includes being chairman of the USA Rice Merchants’ Association as well as a board member of the USA Rice Board of Directors.  “U.S agriculture is constantly changing,” says Ottis.  “I am pleased that my work with USA Rice helps the U.S. rice industry stay on top of its game whether it’s legislation, regulatory issues, or marketing opportunities.”

Recent News

WASDE Report Released

Feb 08, 2018
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WASHINGTON, DC -- The U.S. 2017/18 rice supply and demand estimates are unchanged this month.  The projected season-average farm price for all rice is lowered 10 cents at the midpoint of the range.  The reduction is primarily attributed to lower-than-expected long-grain prices reported by NASS.

Global 2017/18 rice supplies are lowered 1.3 million tons on reduced beginning stocks and lower production.  Total world production is only down fractionally primarily on a smaller Bangladesh crop.  Exports are up 1 million tons to a record 46.8 million.  Export changes are led by a 500,000-ton increase for India and a 300,000-ton increase for Burma.  Imports are raised 800,000 tons for Bangladesh and 500,000 for Indonesia.  Total global use is raised 600,000 tons for 2016/17 but reduced 1 million for 2017/18.  For the 2017/18 marketing year, consumption is lowered 200,000 tons each for Bangladesh, Burma, and India, while it is raised 300,000 for China.  Ending stocks are down 300,000 tons but remain the highest since 2000/01.

Read the full report here.