USA Rice Millers' Association

Representing the U.S. Rice Milling Industry Since 1899

Founded in 1899, the USA Rice Millers' Association (RMA) is one of the oldest agribusiness trade organizations in America.  RMA membership encompasses virtually all of U.S. rice milling capacity, including farmer-owned cooperatives and privately owned mills, with mill members in Arkansas, California, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, and Texas.  Associate members located in the U.S. and around the world,  include end users, exporters, shippers, and other businesses allied with the rice trade.

RMA membership supports government affairs work as well as international market access and trade policy work.
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There are currently 29 mill members and 35 associate members including traders, exporters, brokers, end users, and allied businesses. 

Board of Directors

•  Each mill member names one director to the board.  
•  The RMA holds its annual convention in June.  RMA Board meetings are held in conjunction with USA Rice Federation annual meetings.

Meet the Chairman

Balafoutis, Alex

Alex Balafoutis

Alex Balafoutis, vice president of sales for the Rice Business Unit at PGP International, a company specializing in extruded products located in Woodland, California, was elected chairman of the USA Rice Millers’ Association at their annual meeting last June.  Alex has been involved with the rice industry for more than thirty years and during that time has served on numerous USA Rice committees and boards including the International Promotion Committee, the Sustainability Committee, the Trade Policy Committee, and the Japan and Taiwan technical working groups among others. 

Recent News

USA Rice Kicks Off Influencer Campaign in Honor of Heart Health Month

Feb 05, 2018
#ThinkRice for a healthy heart
 Heart-shaped rice on red background
ARLINGTON, VA – February marks the start of heart health month and USA Rice has partnered with 12 social media influencers to promote the heart health benefits of U.S.-grown rice.  The variety of influencers range from active lifestyle to healthy living and foodies.

“We are partnering with these influencers, all of whom have large and engaged followings on Instagram to broaden the audience exposed to our messages,” said Michael Klein, USA Rice vice president of domestic promotion.  “It’s important for people to know that research has shown rice eaters have a 34 percent reduced risk for high blood pressure and a 21 percent reduced risk of metabolic syndrome both of which increase one’s risk of heart disease and other heart related issues.”

Each influencer will create a unique Instagram post highlighting a rice recipe accompanied by one recipe image and a recipe video.  The content will also be amplified through each influencer’s blog and additional social media channels as well as through USA Rice’s channels. The featured posts will cover all meals from breakfast to dessert and represent different U.S.-grown rice varieties.

“Instagram is the best platform for this campaign due to its high engagement rate and ability to prompt users into taking action.  We expect to see high traffic on our website and social media channels after consumers see these sponsored posts,” said Klein.  “The goal is to keep U.S.-grown rice on top of the consumer’s mind when taking action for heart health and position USA Rice as both a resource to consumers and nutrition & health professionals.”

The campaign kicked off on February 1 with a recipe for a grilled chicken and veggie rice bowl using U.S-grown brown jasmine rice and one quick recipe video that both included U.S.-grown rice messaging.  

“Stay tuned and follow #ThinkRice on Instagram to stay up to date on the most recent posts from our influencer partners as they promote the heart health benefits of U.S.-grown rice throughout the month,” concluded Klein.  “And if you have a social media account, be sure to share and repost the recipes and videos to help our U.S.-rice messaging reach more people!”