USA Rice Producers' Group Grows into USA Rice Farmers

Jul 30, 2015

ARLINGTON, VA -- The USA Rice Producers' Group, the largest sector of USA Rice with representation by farmers from each of the six rice-growing states, has voted to change the group's name to "USA Rice Farmers" effective August 1, 2015.

Members of the almost 60-member Board of Directors discussed the change at their recent annual business meeting in Dallas, Texas and concluded that on Capitol Hill and amongst the non-agricultural sector, 'farmers' was more universally recognized than the term 'producers.' 

Missouri rice farmer and incoming chairman of USA Rice Farmers, Blake Gerard, said, "This change is appropriate because it will help identify exactly who we are and what we do and help us clearly and effectively tell our story."

USA Rice's Vice President of Marketing and Communications Michael Klein, added that the Producers' Group name change coincides with the umbrella organization, USA Rice Federation, dropping the word "Federation" from their logo and common usage.

"It's all about communicating clearly and as succinctly as possible with our audiences," Klein said.  "The words 'Federation' and 'producers' did neither and so we're retiring them."


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