Honoring Rice on the House Floor

GA-Honoring Rice, Doug LaMalfa on CSPAN-150925
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Sep 25, 2015
WASHINGTON, DC -- Congressman Doug LaMalfa (R-CA), who serves on the House Committee on Agriculture, took to a lectern on the U.S. House floor yesterday to deliver a quick but poignant speech about the great contributions rice makes to the United States.

“Today I want to pay a special tribute to the hardworking farmers, millers, merchants, the suppliers, and consumers who make rice not only such a wholesome food, but an important part of our economy,” LaMalfa said.

LaMalfa, a fourth generation rice farmer and two-term Member of the House, has been a good friend to the U.S. rice community.  His Congressional District, CA-01, is the second largest rice-growing district in California with a five year average of more than 134,000 acres of rice grown and an estimated $201.4 million farm-gate value.


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