2016 Crop Insurance Decision Aid Tool Now Available for Rice Farmers

Jan 25, 2016
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COLLEGE STATION, TEXAS – Last week, Texas A&M Agricultural & Food Policy Center (AFPC) announced the launch of the 2016 Crop Insurance Decision Aid Tool.

Ben Mosely, USA Rice vice president of government affairs, said, “This free service is designed to help ​growers select a crop insurance policy that’s best for their particular operation.”

The new version of the decision aid tool asks for the producer’s USDA Risk Management Agency tract details and incorporates updated yields to provide yield exclusion analysis, risk-reward comparison, and a streamlined interface to help find an optimal choice among the thousands of crop insurance combinations that they analyze for users.  Data is able to be saved from year to year to allow for ease of use but may be deleted if preferred.

Mosely continued, “USA Rice is pleased that Texas A&M provides this unbiased assistance for rice farmers each year as they ​consider safety net programs to help manage their risk.  We look forward to working with the AFPC to incorporate the new Margin Protection policy for rice into the 2017 version of the tool.”

You may access the 2016 Crop Insurance Decision Aid Tool here.  Users are able to log into an existing account or create a new account.  Once information is entered or updated, select "2016 Insurance" from the top right of the home page to run an analysis.

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