Carbon Credit Program Targets Rice Growers

Mar 31, 2016
Reducing the footprint
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STUTTGART, AR – A new program is getting underway here that provides an opportunity for rice growers to participate in a voluntary carbon credit market if they practice Alternate Wetting and Drying (also referred to as Intermittent Flooding), or anticipate implementing Alternate Wetting and Drying (AWD) in 2016.

A rice protocol has been designed that when followed, could produce a carbon credit that can be sold on an exchange to a buyer.  Buyers of carbon credits are typically companies looking to offset their own environmental impact.  Of course, before that credit is sold, it must be verified by a third party, and that verification process comes with a cost.

Dennis Carmon with the White River Irrigation District in Hazen, Arkansas, has a program that may provide a significant discount on the costs of the verification process and interested growers should contact Dennis at (501) 416-0859 or email him at

Carbon credit markets are largely untested in the United States, but the theory is growing in popularity as more companies seek ways of reducing their “carbon footprint” to appease consumers.  Given the strong environmental record of the agriculture industry, especially rice, they are a likely candidate to provide viable credits.

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