UK Promotion a Big Success for U.S. Rice

Feeling the love with Chef Gayle
Apr 29, 2016
LONDON, UK -- Earlier this month, U.S. rice brand Peacock Easy Cook Rice, from S&B Herba Foods, was featured at a Trade Day promotion conducted at Wanis, one of the UK's largest international foods wholesalers that caters to the country's growing Afro-Caribbean market.  Trade Day is a special event at the store where hundreds of customers have the opportunity to sample the many new and different products being promoted.


Trade Day shoppers lined up to try a range of dishes featuring Peacock Easy Cook Rice prepared on-site by Chef Gayle Love.  Gayle's flamboyant personality and enthusiasm proved to be the perfect combination to demonstrate the compatibility of U.S. rice with Afro-Caribbean cooking styles.

"Chef Gayle cooked a number of different dishes featuring Peacock Easy Cook Rice and everyone was impressed at how well our rice worked with that cuisine," said S&B Herba Foods Sales Director Peter Walker.  "Chef Gayle was a big hit and really brought the Trade Day to life."

"This year's Wanis Trade Day was so successful we had to re-order stock to cover the orders taken," Walker said.  "We had orders for over 50MT making it one of the most successful promotions we've had."


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