2017 Tender Schedule for Colombia Announced

Aug 15, 2016
U.S. rice is a popular commodity
 ITP- Colombia Tender

ARLINGTON, VA—Earlier this month the COL-RICE board adopted a schedule for open tenders for 2017 in connection with U.S. rice exports to Colombia.  Exporters of U.S. rice will have the opportunity to sell 98,448 metric tons (milled rice equivalent, MRE) next year under terms of the U.S.-Colombia free trade agreement.  This amount, called a tariff rate quota, is 4.5 percent higher than the 2016 level.  “Colombia has emerged as a significant export market for U.S. rice, and the trade agreement is the primary reason,” said Carl Brothers, vice chair of the COL-RICE board and COO of Riceland Foods, Inc., Stuttgart, AR.  Here is the 2017 tender schedule:

Colombia Rice Export Quota, Inc. (COL-RICE) 2017 Tender Schedule

Bid Date

Quantity Available (MRE)

Percentage of annual Quota

Shipping Period

January 30

68,940 mt


February 1 – June 30

June 1

14,331 mt


July1 – October 12

October 12

15,197 mt


October 13 – December 31


Shipments of U.S. rice under the TRQ are not assessed Colombia’s 80 percent import duty.  Exporters bid for duty-free import certificates, and half of the net revenue from the tenders is returned to the six state rice research boards to fund basic rice research.  “COL-RICE returned $17.8 million in research funds to the states last year,” said Brothers.  The other half of net revenue is returned to Fedearroz, Colombia’s association of rice producers.

“While our growers, millers and exporters continue to benefit from this trade agreement, the U.S. COL-RICE members continue to push the Colombian and U.S. governments and our partners in Colombia for a more even distribution of tenders throughout the year so that we can consistently make deliveries to Colombia each day of the year,” concluded Brothers. 


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