Commodity Groups Ask Trump to Keep Food Aid American-Grown

Jan 26, 2017
A theme that resonates
WASHINGTON, DC – Earlier today, several commodity organizations providing the bulk of the in-kind food aid contributions by the United States sent a letter to President Trump asking him to maintain and strengthen the role that U.S. farmers play in ensuring global food security.

The letter highlights the “impressive, proven record,” that the U.S. maintains as the global leader in saving and improving lives through U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) food assistance programs.  

“While President Trump has not specifically addressed food aid, we feel the rice industry’s approach is definitely in line with his overarching philosophy of promoting U.S. products abroad,” said USA Rice Vice President of Government Affairs Ben Mosely.  “U.S. taxpayers contribute significant dollars to the global food aid effort and we have ample supplies of safe and affordable food to give.”

The mutually beneficial approach of providing in-kind contributions through international food assistance programs has allowed the U.S. to touch the lives of more than three billion people in over 150 countries since 1966.

“USA Rice was glad to be a part of this call to action to the new administration,” said Sarah Moran, USA Rice senior director for international trade and market development.  “U.S.-grown rice has historically been a big part of the donations sent abroad through USDA and USAID’s food assistance programs.  We know this is a priority for the industry and have been working long and hard to improve rice’s use in the various programs as a healthy and nutritious alternative to simply handing over cash.”

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