Foodservice Menu Seminars Yield Results in South Korea

Chef in professional kitchen presents new menu ideas for South-Korea-Foodservice-program
Custom menu presentation for LF Foods
Oct 23, 2017
SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – USA Rice Korea, partnering with A-Chef, a foodservice and culinary consulting firm, recently conducted one-on-one foodservice menu presentation seminars targeting Dongwon F&B and LF Foods, two large food manufacturers located here.

For the Dongwon F&B seminar, USA Rice chefs developed and demonstrated menus including rice cake soup, stir-fried rice cake sticks, stir-fried rice, rice noodles, and rice soup.  Dongwon F&B has committed to testing the developed menus to incorporate into their home meal replacement (HMR) product processing operations. 

For LF Foods, Southern American dishes and Latin American-style dishes featuring U.S medium grain rice were showcased, and consequently, LF Foods has decided to launch new rice menus from the developed recipes for the coming spring season.

In the first eight months of calendar year 2017, South Korea ranks as the fifth largest export market for U.S. rice, totaling 139,500 MT valued at $94 million.  Compared to the same timeframe last year this is an increase of 32 percent in volume terms and 26 percent in value, respectively.

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