University of Arkansas Research Team Receives Excellence Award

Dec 16, 2014
FAYETTEVILLE, AR -- In recognition of the importance of their work for the long-term economic and environmental sustainability of the rice industry, a team of scientists at the University of Arkansas has been selected to receive the school's Division of Agriculture John White Team Award.  
The researchers developed a nitrogen soil test method for rice (N-STaR) and carried that process through wide-scale producer adoption and implementation.
Development of the new N-STaR soil test provides producers with the ability to manage inputs on a field-level basis. Nitrogen fertilizer accounts for a significant portion of the variable input costs associated with rice production and is directly linked to producer profitability. Farmers who have implemented the N-STaR program report cost savings as high as $120 per acre by using less nitrogen fertilizer while at the same time increasing rice yield.
"The development and implementation of N-STaR is a great example of basic science being applied to a real-world problem to achieve results, and it is a testament to the importance of interdisciplinary research," said USA Rice Federation President and CEO Betsy Ward. "I applaud the team, and on behalf of U.S. rice producers, thank them for putting another tool in the toolbox to improve efficiency and sustainability."
Contact:  Deborah Willenborg (703) 236-1444