U.S. Rice Advertising in Ghana Takes Off

Jul 13, 2015
ACCRA, GHANA-- Amidst an influx of cheap food imports from Asia and other origins, the USA Rice-led Global Based Initiative (GBI) here began a rollout of large format billboards and radio spot advertising in three major cities to raise awareness and create demand for participating U.S. food products: rice, poultry, and peanuts.  
The billboard and radio campaign, planned over a six-month period in Accra, Kumasi, and Takoradi, complements other ongoing activities among artisanal foodservice providers within the major economic hub known as the "Golden Triangle". 
The family bond is extremely important to Ghanaian consumers, and the GBI's generic billboard messages play on this and create a linkage between family and the strong attributes of U.S. food products: healthy, nutritious, and delicious. 
The radio component of the campaign follows the creative concepts of the billboards, further leveraging industry messaging.  The ads are in English and Twi, (the most dominant local language spoken by 78% of the population).
Billboard and radio are the strongest channels for awareness creation and demand stimulation in Ghana because road transport accounts for more than ninety percent of commuting within cities, and FM radio is pervasive in Ghana.