Tulane Opens $1 Million "Nitrogen Reduction Challenge"

COMM-Tulane Green Wave-150728
Probably reduced nitrogen in that Green Wave
Jul 28, 2015
NEW ORLEANS, LA -- Tulane University has announced the next phase of the "Tulane Nitrogen Reduction Challenge," an international competition that will award $1 million to the entrepreneur, researcher, or inventor with the best plan to reduce the amount of nutrients entering the world's lakes, rivers, and oceans through storm water runoff and ultimately reduce the hypoxic zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

Hypoxia is oxygen-deprived water that causes massive fish kills and annual "dead zones" in waters throughout the world.  The goal of the prize is to help identify and nurture the most innovative and adaptable technologies that will lead to positive environmental outcomes.

Individuals and others with nitrogen-reducing ideas should register for the Challenge by visiting http://tulane.edu/tulaneprize/waterprize/ no later than September 15, and submit a one page proposal.  Those submitting the most viable proposals will be invited to create a 20-page technical explanation, including descriptions of their team, resources, and capacity for implementation.

An advisory committee of scientists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, farmers, and other national experts will select five finalists from these entries.  These finalists will test their proposals on working farms during the 2016 growing season.