Cooperation Means More Wild(ly) Popular Rice Promotion

family tries sample of wild rice at store
Wild rice often features at store demos in Turkey
May 03, 2016
ARLINGTON, VA - USA Rice recently signed a contract with the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council to expand existing international promotion programs that have until now had funding only from the California Wild Rice Advisory Board and the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service.  This added funding will allow USA Rice to implement additional promotions activities in Turkey, a growing wild rice market. 

“I’m pleased we were able to bring the two wild rice producing states together for promotion purposes,” said USA Rice President & CEO Betsy Ward.  “Combining our efforts means greater efficiency and a bigger bang for the wild rice growers’ bucks in a market hungry for U.S.-grown wild rice.”

When USA Rice introduced wild rice into Turkey six years ago it was totally unknown in the market.  Starting from a zero base, exports last year reached five metric tons.  Currently two Turkish companies import wild rice with brands appearing on retail shelves of three supermarket chains.  USA Rice is focusing on increasing the number of importers and driving demand by consumers and the foodservice industry alike through demonstrations, advertising, and other promotions.