Influential Bloggers Help Launch New U.S. Wild Rice Promotion in Turkey

Wild Rice Turkey Blogs screenshots
Blog posts tell the wild rice story
May 17, 2016
ISTANBUL, TURKEY – The Turkish people spend a lot of time online.  In fact, all the social media use in Turkey makes this country of almost 75 million people the fourth most socially engaged country in the world.  So it’s no surprise that USA Rice looked to social media gurus to help launch a new wild rice campaign here.  The country’s top 16 food and nutrition bloggers were invited to a kick-off event at the Kirinti Restaurant, a high end casual chain with four restaurants in prime locations around the city.  The bloggers tasted U.S. wild rice, cooked with it, and learned important and helpful attributes from celebrity dietitian Ipek Agca.

“These bloggers are mix of both influential food gourmet writers and healthy living enthusiasts, which help us reach a large group of followers,” said Jack Jacob, USA Rice’s consultant in Turkey.  “Research shows 84 percent of Turkish people have purchased products based on descriptions in blogs, in part because readers naturally trust third-party blog posts about a product or company more than statements from the company itself.”

Jacob says about three quarters of Turkish people say social media and blogs are most influential when they are making food decisions, which is why USA Rice chose to launch this event “online.”

A U.S. wild rice menu insert was also developed for the restaurant.  It explains the recipes and provides consumers with healthy tips featuring U.S. wild rice and will be placed at all tables in the Kirinti restaurants for the next month.

"It's so great to see all the key food bloggers coming to our event" said Deniz Erkul owner of the restaurant.  “We believe wild rice will be an asset to our existing rich menu.  Expanding our menu and including wild rice in different meal parts like salads, main dishes and even desserts is exactly what we are looking for to encourage our customers to order it and to keep our menu fresh and exciting."

USA Rice implements wild rice promotions with funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Foreign Agricultural Service, the California Wild Rice Advisory Board, and the Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice Council.