U.S. Rice Recipes at Home for the Mexican Market

Sharing recipes, tips, and cooking techniques
Sep 19, 2016
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO -- Last month, USA Rice released a special edition cookbook entitled “Arroz en Nuestro Hogar” (“Rice Recipes at Home”).  The deluxe full-color cookbook includes 40 rice recipes prepared by consumers who participated in USA Rice classes, cook-offs, and cooking competitions, or who follow USA Rice TV shows on social media or purchased USA Rice cookbooks in the past.  USA Rice chefs and staff oversaw the recipe recreation and photo shoots for the cookbook, and recipes are divided into the following categories:  Appetizers, Salads, Side Dishes, Main Courses, and Desserts.
“One of the main reasons we push recipe development is that most Mexicans don’t know many rice recipes,” said Gaby Carbajal, USA Rice’s contractor for Mexico.  “The majority of the participants only knew four recipes before their participation in USA Rice activities and now they prepare an average of 15 different recipes for their families with rice consumption in their homes increasing by as much as 100 percent.  Our job is to show the Mexican consumer some of the wonderful ways to use U.S. rice, and these cookbooks certainly do that!”
The cookbooks, set up in magazine format, are very popular in Mexico, and serve as a valuable resource for consumers due to the extensive information provided.  This edition starts with 10 pages of tips and techniques, guaranteeing perfectly cooked rice.  These tips include varieties of rice, step by step cooking instructions, as well as how to prepare and mold rice.

Carbajal said, “The cookbook also contains nutritional information, informative graphics, and information about USA Rice websites and social media channels.  More than 50,000 copies were published and publishers report 195,000 media impressions for the special edition magazine.”
The special edition cookbook is sold at newspaper stands nationwide as well as online in printed and electronic versions.