At Midpoint, New Social Media Campaign Yields Notable 15.9M Impressions

Overhead shot of white bowl filled with cut green chilis, carrots, potatoes, and a spoonful of rice
Feast for the eyes
Mar 20, 2019
ARLINGTON, VA – In September, USA Rice launched its partnership with The FeedFeed agency, the largest and most engaged digital cooking community, to conduct a year-long campaign with goals to drive mass awareness and celebrate U.S.-grown rice, develop engaging content, and educate audiences on the benefits of rice consumption.

The campaign consists of four well-rounded Instagram influencers who were selected based on their past work and overall messaging to bring attention to U.S.-grown rice for its versatility, high quality, and ability to match different diet restrictions.  This strategy uses visual storytelling via Instagram to raise awareness throughout the year, which then is amplified across FeedFeed’s and USA Rice’s multiple accounts.

Each influencer was tasked with creating four unique and on-trend recipes using U.S.-grown rice along with photography, a blog post, and an Instagram post per each recipe.   Examples of the unique recipes include Brown Rice Jambalaya, Spicy Chicken and Rice Soup, Congee with Spinach & Shiitake, and Provencal Braised Chicken with white rice.  To further increase exposure, influencer recipes were included in FeedFeed’s weekly meal planners, featured on USA Rice’s recipe feed on, and highlighted on IGTV through FeedFeed’s digital TV series.

At the halfway point of the partnership, 10 original recipes that featured U.S.-grown rice and messaging have been posted by influencers and amplified by The FeedFeed and USA Rice.  Collectively, the recipe posts, regrams, newsletters, and videos generated nearly 16 million impressions and 148,000 interactions.  In addition to the immediate impact of the campaign, USA Rice retains the right to use and access all created recipes, videos, and photos across social media channels.

“To say we’re pleased with the results from this campaign, at just the halfway point, is an understatement,” said Cameron Jacobs, USA Rice domestic promotions manager.  “This was a new activity for domestic promotion and it’s exciting to be reaching demographics like millennials, foodies, and conscious consumers.  We still have work to do to expand USA Rice’s audience and continue to raise awareness of U.S.-grown rice but, so far, this campaign has exceeded expectations.”  

The campaign will conclude in June with six remaining influencer recipes to be posted, a second FeedFeed TV episode to be filmed, and a FeedFeed editorial article focused on educating about U.S.-grown rice to be published.

Jacobs concluded, “With four months left of planned campaign activations, we are excited to see the remaining recipe concepts along with final outreach and engagement figures come July.  USA Rice members should be excited about this significant step into the digital space and future consumer activations in partnership with The FeedFeed.”

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