New USA Rice Partner Bites into Conservation Program

Men standing behind a row of camera tripods, enormous mosquito statue in background
Wenzi and team at MU HQ
Apr 01, 2019
Special to the USA Rice Daily from Colonel Smut (Ret.)

WINNIGPEG, CANADA – The success of the U.S. rice industry’s conservation efforts is a result of the commitment and hard work of the men and women in the industry who are dedicated to principles of sustainability and to the partners that help support their efforts with additional resources.  Those partners can range from some of the largest consumer goods companies and retailers in the world to research institutions, foundations, government agencies, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).  And a new NGO has just joined their ranks.

The conservation group Mosquitoes Unlimited (MU), based here, has committed to joining the industry’s conservation partnership program with an eye to expanding their own reach as well.

“Our goal of improving the quality and quantity of mosquito habitat aligns perfectly with the rice industry goal of having healthy and vibrant ecosystems that can both produce a healthy, nutritious and safe crop, but also maintain countless species of wildlife,” said Komarno Wenzi, director of mosquito reestablishment for the group.  “And the farmers, their families, and workers actually provide an excellent source of nutrition for the mosquitoes as well.  It’s a win-win situation.”

MU is flush with cash after receiving millions of dollars from a group of cities in the U.S. northeast that paid the group to cease and desist all activities promoting mosquito habitat preservation and reintroduction in their jurisdictions.

“We’re happy to invest these resources with a noble effort and we look forward to a bountiful harvest for us both,” Wenzi said.

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