USA Rice Awarded Additional $2.5 Million for Trade Promotion

People gather around a booth at a trade seminar holding rice products
Success at the Guangzhou trade seminar
Jul 24, 2019
WASHINGTON, DC -- USA Rice has been awarded an additional $2,501,925 in Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) funds to conduct international marketing and promotion activities as a part of President Donald Trump’s trade mitigation programs.  This is the second tranche of ATP funds; USA Rice already received $3,050,075 earlier this year bringing the total amount of ATP funds for USA Rice to $5,552,000.  These funds will be spread out over the next three years to promote U.S. rice in more than 20 markets worldwide.
“USA Rice ultimately received all of the ATP funds requested in the application which shows how well our programs are viewed,” said Terry Harris, chair of the USA Rice International Promotion Committee.  “The ATP funds have already led to astounding success for USA Rice and USDA as they funded the recent trade seminars in Guangzhou where the first sale of U.S. rice to China was made.  We are grateful for the additional ATP funds that will enable us to increase our presence in our top export markets as well as venture into new ones.”
“With retaliatory tariffs impeding access in key markets such as Turkey and the EU, and the growing presence of cheap Chinese rice in traditional U.S. markets, USA Rice will work with the International Promotion Committee to develop innovative programs using the additional ATP funds to counter these market challenges,” said Sarah Moran, USA Rice vice president international.