FECARROZ Elects New Board of Directors

Group of men and one woman sit with their hands folded on a table displaying country place cards
New FECARROZ BOD is in sync
Sep 11, 2019
AN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR -- Last week, USA Rice participated in a triparty meeting here with FECARROZ (Central America Rice Federation) and the U.S. Rice Producers Association (USRPA) to continue discussions on the Central America & Dominican Republic free trade agreement (CAFTA-DR).  Discussions have focused primarily on maintaining and growing rice trade between the U.S. and our third largest export market, Central America.  

“The CAFTA-DR permits a cumulative amount of 569,015 MT of U.S. rice to enter duty-free in 2019; as of June, 41 percent of that amount has been imported into the various countries.  The majority of rice imports in Central America come from the U.S., but Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina also supply rice to the region,” said Sarah Moran, USA Rice vice president international.

Also last week, FECARROZ elected its new Board of Directors:  President Jason Hawit (Honduras); Vice President Ulises Espinoza (Nicaragua); Secretary Eduardo Rojas (Costa Rica); Treasurer Jose Tudo (El Salvador); and, At Large Sergio Garcia (Guatemala).  

“USA Rice would like to congratulate Jason Hawit on his new role as president of FECARROZ,” said Moran.  “We’ve known Jason and his family for many years now and look forward to working with him in this new role.”

USA Rice, FECARROZ, and USRPA plan to meet again during the 2019 USA Rice Outlook Conference this December in Little Rock, Arkansas.