Japanese Food Fair Promotion Features U.S. Rice

Grocery store display in Hong Kong features packages of U.S rice
Can't miss U.S. rice at the American Food Fair
Aug 10, 2020
HONG KONG – Every summer, AEON Department Store partners with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Trade Office to host the American Food Fair, and USA Rice joined the promotion this year for the second time.

“There were seven different U.S.-origin rice products on display during the food fair; that’s two more than last year,” said Jim Guinn, USA Rice director of Asia Promotion Programs.  “Five brands actually were featured on end-caps, prime shelf locations that are coveted placements because of their prominent position in stores.”   

AEON is a Japanese-owned supermarket chain frequented by more affluent consumers in Hong Kong that carries household goods and food products, everything from fresh ingredients to staple groceries, both local and imported from around the world.  AEON operates 12 stores in neighborhoods throughout Hong Kong.

“Although the current relationship between the U.S. and China is strained, there’s still substantial interest in U.S. food products here,” said Guinn.  “Political tensions should not negatively impact the duty-free access of the many U.S. agricultural products, including rice, entering Hong Kong.”