“Delicious” U.S. Rice Still Popular in Hong Kong Foodservice

Bowl of chili on bamboo placemat flanked by American flag and wooden fork
Flying the Red, Rice, and Blue at Hong Kong food fest
Aug 13, 2020
HONG KONG – For the second year in a row, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Trade Office here hosted a food and beverage festival, called “Delicious USA,” promoting the quality and versatility of U.S. ag products.  During the month-long festival that ends this Sunday, USA Rice partnered with four local restaurants that created seven different dishes featuring U.S.-grown rice.

“Although the festival coincided with the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic to hit Hong Kong, there was still enthusiastic support among participating restaurants,” said Jim Guinn, USA Rice director of Asia Promotion Programs.  

One delivery-based operation, NOSH, paired Southern long grain brown rice with beef, and pork, and peppers, to invent four new recipes.  Three traditional dine-in restaurants each used California medium grain rice to make signature dishes that were available for take-out.

“In light of the pandemic situation, take-out menus were a necessity this year,” said Guinn.  “Consumer interest was bolstered with a contest that awarded a prize to the customer with the best Instagram photo showcasing the food item they ordered.”

Last year Hong Kong purchased 7,691 MT of U.S. rice, and through June 2020 had imported 3,791 MT, down only marginally from the same time period of 2019.