Budget Conference Report Reveals No Farm Bill Cuts

Apr 30, 2015
 WASHINGTON, D.C.-The House and Senate Agriculture Chairmen received welcome, but not entirely unexpected news when they reviewed the 2016 budget conference report. The report stated that neither the House nor the Senate Agriculture Committees are required to trim money from the Farm Bill.  
"The conference report as it relates to agriculture is a clear indication that Congress recognizes that the Agriculture Committees stepped up to the plate by reducing spending through the Farm Bill signed into law last year," said USA Rice's vice president of Government Affairs Ben Mosely.  
According to reports, even though the no-cut decision was anticipated, it was still appreciated. Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-Mich.), a Senate Budget conferee and ranking Democrat on Senate Agriculture, credits the backing of 400 different groups for their efforts in keeping House reconciliation directions for cuts to agriculture out of the budget conference reports.
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