U.S. Rice at the Smithsonian Museum

May 22, 2015

Chef Kaz (l) and USA Rice's Maher: One day the student shall become the master.
One day the student shall become the master 
WASHINGTON, D.C.-Last week, USA Rice attended a sushi-centric event held at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History. More than 150 people attended the sold out "Sushi for Sale" event that explored how sushi, a Japanese delicacy, has transformed into a mainstream American favorite.  
The evening opened with a panel discussion featuring Chef Kaz Okochi of D.C.'s KAZ Sushi Bistro, Bonny Wolf of American Food Roots, and FoodStory founder Yoko Isassi. During the conversation, the importance of quality rice was stressed as a crucial ingredient in sushi. Kaz Okochi confirmed that he exclusively uses U.S.-grown rice to make sushi, and that its texture and taste make it a desirable sushi staple.  
Following the panel, Chef Kaz Okochi hosted interactive sushi-making demonstrations that offered participants one-on-one tutorials on the art of making sushi. Attendees sampled a wide variety of sushi and sake, both rice-based products.   
"Events like this are valuable because they cost next to nothing, and you have a world-famous chef amplifying our message, helping to raise awareness for U.S. grown rice," said Katie Maher, USA Rice's manager of domestic promotions who participated in the event.