USA Rice Publishes Student Chef Cookbook in Mexico

Nov 24, 2015
Restaurant-quality rice recipes
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO -- This month, USA Rice released a special edition cookbook featuring student chefs who have participated in USA Rice competitions.  The deluxe full-color "Future Chefs Cooking with Rice" cookbook is in a magazine format and includes 43 recipes using U.S.-grown rice as the main ingredient.  Along with restaurant-quality recipes of contemporary Mexican cuisine, international dishes, desserts, and more avant-garde cuisine, there is an information section that includes rice cooking techniques, rice varieties, nutritional information, creative plating and molding, informative graphics, and invitations to USA Rice’s Spanish language websites and social media.

“The dishes demonstrate the wide range of possibilities rice offers in the food service industry and share upscale ideas that foodies and readers of the magazine can prepare at home,” said Leticia Escobar, the editor of the publishing company that produced the book.

The special edition cookbook is being sold online, at newspaper stands nationwide, and at Sanborns, a major department store chain with more than 100 restaurants in Mexico City and the Metropolitan area frequented by approximately one million customers each month.

These special edition magazines are very popular in Mexico and are considered luxury collector's items.  USA Rice published 50,000 copies of the 50-page cookbook magazine targeting home cooks who enjoy preparing traditional and contemporary rice dishes as well as the food service industry.