USA Rice Establishes Strong Ties with Rice Wholesalers in Mexico

Aug 30, 2016
One taste of U.S. rice and they're hooked
MX-Rice-Wholesalers,-Chef Monze
MEXICO CITY, MEXICO -- The USA Rice promotions team in Mexico has added a new target audience to its wide-ranging marketing program - principal grocery wholesalers.  Several of these wholesalers have developed into significant one-stop outlets servicing Mom & Pop, corner, or convenience stores - a distribution channel not previously serviced by USA Rice.
During the past month USA Rice has partnered with two of the largest of these wholesalers, Scorpion and El Zorro, who have multiple stores throughout urban areas.
“We’ve developed programs and activities for this very important group of wholesalers who handle quite a bit of packaged rice,” said Gaby Carbajal, who leads USA Rice promotions in Mexico.  “In the past, we have been very successful targeting larger supermarket chains, but this new segment specifically targets the thousands of Mom & Pop stores so common in Mexico City.  In turn, we reach urban consumers who don’t shop in the larger suburban chains.  It’s a way of maximizing our reach in this huge country of over 120 million people.”
As part of the new marketing program, USA Rice will sponsor a booth at the annual trade show of ANAM (National Association of Grocery Wholesalers) held in Puebla in September.  

“This trade show is only open to the trade and USA Rice received a special invitation to attend,” said Carbajal.  “We expect to establish deeper ties with this group, and develop promotional activities for buyers to educate them about and promote the benefits of trading in U.S. origin rice.”