USA Rice-Japan Academics Discuss Farm Policy Challenges

Sep 26, 2016
Comparing notes
Japan Officials Visit USA Rice to Discuss Farm Policy
ARLINGTON, VA – Two agriculture policy specialists from Japan’s Ibaraki University,  Drs. Kunio Nishikawa and Katsutoshi Ohnaka, visted USA Rice’s office last week to review farm policy developments in Japan and the United States.  They were joined by Mr. Takeshi Nakamura of JA-ZENCHU, the central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives and Japan’s largest farm cooperative.  

USA Rice’s Bob Cummings, Hugh Maginnis, and Peter Bachmann reviewed trade and agricultural policies in the United States and U.S. rice farmers’ views on the Farm Bill.  The group also discussed proposals by Japan’s prime minister to reform rice production policy.  

“We have met periodically with farm policy experts from Japan and these gatherings provide a good opportunity for an exchange of views and for both sides to provide information on current issues facing our industries,” said Cummings, USA Rice’s COO.