Latest Issue of Whole Grain Highlights Industry Record on Sustainability

Mar 24, 2017
Winter Issue 2017
ARLINGTON, VA – Check your mailbox for the Whole Grain, USA Rice’s newspaper, as the latest issue is off the presses and on its way to readers throughout the six rice producing states and Washington, DC.  

“I’m thrilled this issue of the Whole Grain is dedicated to the conservation record of the U.S. rice industry and our overall sustainability,” says Jennifer James, an Arkansas rice farmer and chair of the USA Rice Sustainability Committee, who is interviewed for this issue’s cover story.  “We have plenty to be proud of, and on these pages you’ll read a lot about where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

There are stories on two Regional Conservation Partnership Program projects that received $15 million funding, an overview of the conservation programs up for discussion in the next Farm Bill, a report on end-users and their footprint within the U.S. food supply, and the complete transcript of former NRCS Chief Jason Wellers’ farewell speech to the industry at the recent USA Rice Outlook Conference.

It’s not all about sustainability as there’s also a report from the Rice Leadership International Class trip to Great Britain and Spain, all the news from this year’s Government Affairs Conference, a financial update from USA Rice CFO Linda Sieh, and more.

If you do not receive the Whole Grain in your mailbox, or you’d like additional copies to distribute to friends, neighbors, and colleagues, or you would like to advertise in future issues, contact Deborah WillenborgDeborah Willenborg