USA Rice Debuts Winning Recipe from Healthy Rice Bowl Contest

Mar 28, 2017
No one's skipping lunch today
ARLINGTON, VA -- The award-winning Greek Rice Bowl recipe from the USA Rice “Healthy Rice Bowl Contest” for school menu planners has been announced and joins a growing collection of recipes developed by K-12 menu planners created to help schools meet nutrition requirements, increase rice usage on school menus, and educate students about U.S.-grown rice.

After receiving more than 100 entries from K-12 foodservice professionals at the School Nutrition Association (SNA) conference this past July, USA Rice awarded the $500 grand prize to School Nutrition Marketing Specialist at Loudoun County Virginia Public Schools, Stefanie Dove, RDN, CDN.  As part of the prize, Dove also served as a consultant in developing her concept into a tested, creditable foodservice recipe.

“Rice recipes are a wonderful addition to school meals because they provide versatile menu options that hold up well on the serving line,” said Dove.  “Our students love our chicken fajita rice bowls, so I thought this Greek chicken rice bowl would be a great way to tie in new flavors while keeping the ingredients simple so it’s easy for school nutrition employees to prepare.  This recipe contains familiar ingredients that students across the country can feel comfortable selecting for lunch.”

The new recipe is featured on, where school foodservice professionals can find detailed preparation instructions, serving size guidance according to grade level, and nutritionals per serving all in a convenient downloadable recipe card.  

At the SNA conference in Atlanta this coming July, USA Rice will distribute the new recipe along with new cafeteria posters currently in production, and partner with the Cranberry Marketing Committee to host a joint cranberry-rice recipe contest.