The Smart Way to Promote U.S.-Grown Rice

Nov 21, 2017
Rice is smart food, eh?
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OTTAWA, CANADA – Canadian nutrition and health and wellness enthusiasts descended on the third annual Live the Smart Way Expo here where they were treated to food samples, including vegan brown rice pudding at the Think Rice booth, as well as important food for thought, as they were encouraged to “Think Rice” in general.

“The Expo was a hotbed for meaningful two-way dialogue among a niche audience receptive to learning about the role of rice in a balanced diet and lifestyle,” said Pereina Choudhury, USA Rice promotions director in Canada.  “A popular nutritionist/lifestyle alchemist and a relationship/lifestyle consultant helped us share the benefits of rice in healthy vegan, vegetarian, and mainstream diets.”

Choudhury said a main objective of participation in the Expo was to get people thinking about rice differently, as a healthy breakfast option.  The vegan rice pudding was an effective conversation starter.

“Most people were surprised by the natural sweetness that the coconut milk, honey, banana puree added to the healthy brown rice pudding,” she said.  “Many commented that it would also make a great warm breakfast option, especially using maple syrup (a Canadian favorite for many) in place of the honey."

Approximately, 3,000 samples of rice pudding, 2,000 recipe cards, and 1,000 bags of medium grain brown rice were distributed at the show.  But U.S.-grown rice received promotion beyond the show floor.

USA Rice was featured in two CTV Ottawa television segments prior to Expo weekend.  One featured Expo founder, Kathy Smart and the other, Agricultural Attaché, FAS/Canada, Evan Mangino, sharing the benefits of rice.

Mangino showcased the versatility of several commodities using relatable recipes that put a healthy twist on traditional holiday fare including, tabbouleh-stuffed peppers with brown and wild rice.  He also promoted the United States’ high food safety standards and even managed to share some nutritional sound bites regarding the manganese, magnesium, and fiber benefits of rice.

Kathy Smart also hosted a Facebook Live video from the Think Rice booth on Sunday that was shared with her 22,000 followers.