• Combating Unfair Trade Practices: Antidumping and Countervailing Duty Petitions

    May 20, 2016
    California rice farmer and chairman of USA Rice’s Asian Trade Policy subcommittee Michael Rue once famously told regulators he feels like he’s not just competing with rice farmers in other countries, but rather with rice farmers and their entire governments. Unfair trade practices litter the global trade landscape. So what is a U.S. rice farmer to do?
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  • In-Depth Analysis of TPP Shows Rice Right to Abstain for Now

    May 19, 2016
    The U.S. International Trade Committee (USITC), an independent, quasi-judicial Federal agency with broad investigative responsibilities on trade matters has released a long-awaited analysis of the mammoth Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, and the findings aren’t making the strong case for the deal that the Obama Administration likely had hoped for.
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  • World Market Price Subcommittee Discusses Reporting Discrepancies, China, Iraq, and Remedies for Unfair Trade Practices

    May 18, 2016
    The World Market Price subcommittee of USA Rice’s International Trade Committee met here this morning to discuss the domestic and global outlook for rice with representatives from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), the World Agriculture Outlook Board, the Economic Research Service (ERS), and the Foreign Agricultural Service (FAS), all agencies of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
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  • USA Rice Makes Case at T-TIP Negotiations

    May 02, 2016
    USA Rice made the case for eliminating tariffs on U.S. rice going into the EU before an assembly of U.S. and E.U. trade negotiators meeting in New York City to discuss the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (T-TIP).
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