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This USA Rice-developed search helps rice farmers find conservation programs in their state that provide some form of assistance to their operation, whether it be through cost sharing, management incentives or tax exemptions. 

Search by State, Program Type, Topic, Funding Authority, or Keyword to find the programs that fit your needs. Deadlines and information will be updated on a regular basis. 

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  • Young Farmer Interest Rate Reduction Program

    Working Land / Texas Department of Agriculture

    The Young Farmer Interest Rate Reduction (YFIRR) Program is intended to facilitate a lower interest rate … Read More
  • Exemption of Pesticides

    State Tax Exemption / MO Department of Revenue

    Exemption of all sales of pesticides used in the production of crops, livestock or poultry for food or … Read More
  • City of New Orleans - Net Metering

    Other / City Council Utilities Regulatory Office

    New Orleans City Council adopted net-metering rules that are similar to rules adopted by the Louisiana … Read More
  • Exemption of Fertilizer, Machinery, and Irrigation Systems

    State Tax Exemption / Texas Comptroller

    Exemption of fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, defoliants, dessicants, machinery or … Read More
  • Exemption of Solar Power Facilities

    State Tax Exemption / CA State Board of Equalization

    Partial exemption of solar power facilities used to generate power for farm equipment and machinery from … Read More
  • Exemption of Agri Fertilizer, Chemicals, Pesticides, and Herbicides (AR)

    State Tax Exemption / AR Department of Finance and Administration

    Sales of agri fertilizer, limestone, chemicals, pesticides and herbicides used in the commercial production … Read More

Displaying results 81 - 86 of 86

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