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  • Irrigation Pipeline

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    Pipeline installed to convey and/or distribute water to micro-irrigation systems, minimizing non-beneficial … Read More
  • Well Decommissioning

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    Licensed well driller will seal and permanently close an unusable water well. EQIP Deadlines: Arkansas … Read More
  • Irrigation Water Management Plan

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    The process of determining and controlling the volume, frequency and application rate of irrigation water … Read More
  • Exemption of field drain tile

    State Tax Exemption / MO Department of Revenue

    Exemption of field drain tile for agricultural use from sales and use tax. Read More
  • Entergy Arkansas' Agricultural Irrigation Load Control Program

    Working Land / Entergy

    Operate wells anywhere, anytime with a computer or smartphone. Receive cash back 2 weeks after end of … Read More
  • Arkansas Natural Resource Commission Tax Credits

    State Tax Exemption / Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC)

    Available tax credits for construction of impoundments, conversion from ground water to surface water … Read More
  • Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

    Working Land / Plumas-Sierra REC

    Irrigation efficiency custom rebate available. Read More
  • Water Savings Incentive Program

    Working Land / City of Pasadena

    WSIP provides financial assistance for customized water efficiency projects including agricultural and … Read More
  • Exemption of Fertilizer, Machinery, and Irrigation Systems

    State Tax Exemption / Texas Comptroller

    Exemption of fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, defoliants, dessicants, machinery or … Read More

Displaying results 21 - 29 of 29

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