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This USA Rice-developed search helps rice farmers find conservation programs in their state that provide some form of assistance to their operation, whether it be through cost sharing, management incentives or tax exemptions. 

Search by State, Program Type, Topic, Funding Authority, or Keyword to find the programs that fit your needs. Deadlines and information will be updated on a regular basis. 

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  • Irrigation Pipeline

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    Pipeline installed to convey and/or distribute water to micro-irrigation systems, minimizing non-beneficial … Read More
  • Well Decommissioning

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    Licensed well driller will seal and permanently close an unusable water well. EQIP Deadlines: Arkansas … Read More
  • Irrigation Water Management Plan

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    The process of determining and controlling the volume, frequency and application rate of irrigation water … Read More
  • Exemption of field drain tile

    State Tax Exemption / MO Department of Revenue

    Exemption of field drain tile for agricultural use from sales and use tax. Read More
  • Entergy Arkansas' Agricultural Irrigation Load Control Program

    Working Land / Entergy

    Operate wells anywhere, anytime with a computer or smartphone. Receive cash back 2 weeks after end of … Read More
  • Arkansas Natural Resource Commission Tax Credits

    State Tax Exemption / Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC)

    Available tax credits for construction of impoundments, conversion from ground water to surface water … Read More
  • Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

    Working Land / Plumas-Sierra REC

    Irrigation efficiency custom rebate available. Read More
  • Water Savings Incentive Program

    Working Land / City of Pasadena

    WSIP provides financial assistance for customized water efficiency projects including agricultural and … Read More
  • Exemption of Fertilizer, Machinery, and Irrigation Systems

    State Tax Exemption / Texas Comptroller

    Exemption of fertilizer, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, defoliants, dessicants, machinery or … Read More

Displaying results 21 - 29 of 29

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