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This USA Rice-developed search helps rice farmers find conservation programs in their state that provide some form of assistance to their operation, whether it be through cost sharing, management incentives or tax exemptions. 

Search by State, Program Type, Topic, Funding Authority, or Keyword to find the programs that fit your needs. Deadlines and information will be updated on a regular basis. 

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  • Irrigation Field Ditch

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    This practice applies to open channels and elevated ditches with a capacity of 25 cubic feet per second … Read More
  • Field Operations Emissions Reduction

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    This practice is used to reduce the amount of particulate emissions, especially the PM-10 and … Read More
  • Dam Diversion

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    A diversion dam is designed to divert water from a watercourse such as a waterway or stream into another … Read More
  • Clearing and Snagging

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    The flow area of a channel may become clogged by various kinds of obstructions. When that happens, the … Read More
  • On-Farm Secondary Containment Facility

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    An on-farm secondary containment facility provides a minimization of the risk of accidental release of … Read More
  • Alley Cropping

    Working Land / USDA NRCS

    Alley cropping is used to enhance or diversify a farm enterprise by adding tree/shrub products, reduce … Read More
  • Water Distribution, Irrigation Pump VFD

    Pacific Power

    Replace worn nozzles, drains, gaskets and other equipment on your irrigation system and get cash incentives … Read More
  • Non-Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

    Working Land / Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PGE)

    Receive rebates for select irrigation products. Read More
  • Farm Storage Facility Loan Program

    Working Land / USDA FSA

    This program provides low-interest financing so producers can build or upgrade facilities to store … Read More
  • Energy Audit & Renewable Energy Development Assistance Grants

    USDA Rural Development

    Grantees assist rural small businesses and agricultural producers by conducting and promoting energy … Read More

Displaying results 21 - 30 of 307

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