The U.S. Rice Domestic Usage Report measures the shipments of milled rice to the domestic and export markets by U.S. rice millers and has been conducted for several decades; first by the United States Department of Agriculture and more recently by USA Rice.

A questionnaire was created and sent to U.S. rice milling firms, which provided data in the following categories:
  • Total quantity of milled rice shipments to the U.S., U.S. territories, and export markets
  • Milled rice shipments by rice type to nine U.S. market segments
  • Shipments by rice type to the industrial food processing segment
  • Specialty rice shipments by rice type - both domestic and imported origin
  • Total milling capacity
When possible, data are compared with the previous marketing year. Total milled rice volumes as reported are compared with other published data, such as USDA data on rice production, exports and imports, and utilization, for comparison purposes. All percentages in this report have been rounded, with some exceptions, to the nearest whole number. The data collected are compiled into market segments and rice type categories and comparisons.