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Cafeteria Posters

Get your students to think about rice with these cafeteria posters presenting nutrition and farm facts for K-6th grade students and 7th-12th grade students.

Rice Education Toolkit

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    Kid's Coloring Sheet

    Appropriate for ages 2 – 6, this four page coloring activity tells the farm-to-table story of U.S.-grown rice. Kids are able to color different scenes from the rice farm and learn about the lifecycle of rice by season. They also learn where rice is grown and how rice makes its way table where they can color in a family making dinner and draw a healthy MyPlate dish with rice. Print this activity sheet, double-sided on 11 x 17 paper and fold down the middle.

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    Teacher’s Guide & Lesson Plans

    Introduce your students to the All-American grain–rice! Students learn how rice growing has contributed to American history since colonial times, and how today’s U.S. rice growers not only help sustain wetland habitats but also help reduce carbon emissions by providing a close-to-home source of good nutrition. Includes a recipe-building activity to reinforce how rice can help families meet the MyPlate guidelines for a balanced diet.

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    U.S Rice in the Classroom Workbook

    Developed by USA Rice and Chartwells for National Nutrition Month, this fun-filled workbook will get your students excited about healthy foods, including U.S.-grown rice. The book is perfect for 4th to 6th graders and includes educational puzzles, games and surprising facts that explain the history and science of rice, farming and nutrition. Recipes and kid-friendly cooking instructions included, too.