Provide early successional shorebird habitat between first crop and ratoon crop


Many declining suites of wildlife species rely on early successional habitats for at least
part of their life cycle needs. Migratory shorebird species in particular rely on open,
moist soil or shallowly flooded conditions for foraging and security. Rice farms support
many migratory and resident water bird species. The first rice crop harvest often
coincides with the arrival of early migrating shorebirds. This time of year, is also the
highest rainfall months. If standing rice stubble from the first crop is rolled to push
above-ground stalks level with the soil surface, the first component of this type of habitat
is met. When moisture is added to this situation, short-term habitat is available until the
ratoon crop initiates growth to a height beyond that which would provide benefit to the
early successional species.

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