U.S. Rice Increases Presence on British Retail Shelves

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Aunt Caroline rice bags
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM -- After an absence of almost 10 years, U.S. parboiled long grain rice is back on UK retail shelves at the country’s second largest retailer.

Aunt Caroline Long Grain Rice is now available at ASDA supermarkets (owned by Walmart) in 5kg bags following presentations from leading UK rice importer S&B Herba Foods.  The product is currently in 60 of the largest ASDA stores, with options to roll out to all 525 locations during 2016.
“We are delighted to be selling U.S. parboiled long grain rice after such a long absence,” said Peter Walker of S&B Herba Foods.  “It has taken a lot of time and effort to persuade retailers to see the opportunities that high quality, consistent U.S. long grain rice offers,” he added.

S&B Herba worked with ASDA to develop a specific size pack that would appeal to those consumers who eat large quantities of rice as part of their daily diet and, so far, demand has been strong.

“We began the promotion during October,” said Walker, “so it is early days, but the signs have been good that we are on trend for what was needed in the marketplace.  With so many choices, it can be overwhelming for consumers, but U.S. long grain has always delivered on consistency and quality.  This will hopefully open up further opportunities with other retailers.”

Aunt Caroline is the second identified U.S. long grain rice brand available in the UK retail segment.  The first identified milled long grain rice brand appeared on retail shelves in March this year.

USA Rice Vice President for International Promotion Jim Guinn said, “In spite of tough competition, U.S. long grain rice sales have more than doubled compared to last year, reaching over 18,000 MT in the period January-September 2015.  The all-important run up to Christmas should see U.S. long grain sales increase even more as we continue to promote the U.S reputation for quality, consistency, food safety, and sustainability."