First Delegation of Cuban Farmers Visits Arkansas Rice Country

Cuban-Farmers visit it-AR-Rice-Country, seated at family dinner table
Everyone speaks the same language at the Isbell Farm
Oct 19, 2016
HUMNOKE, AR -- A group of Cuban farmers hosted by Winrock International traveled to Arkansas rice country this week in the first official visit of Cuban farmers to the United States in more than 50 years.  

The group’s first stop was Isbell Farms where in addition to touring the farm and watching post-harvest operations, the group discussed irrigation techniques, planting methods, and the important role of rice in the Cuban diet.  The common agricultural brotherhood and sisterhood between farmers from these two nearby countries was apparent in spite of language differences.

“Farmers are farmers no matter where they are from,” said Jeremy Jones, a rice farmer from England, Arkansas, who joined in hosting the group.  “Whether you are from Cuba or the United States, farming is the common language we speak.”

The five Cuban farmers who make up the delegation will be in the state for the rest of the week visiting other farms and agriculture related industries as important personal connections between our two countries continue to develop.